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Zombie Ring

Zombie Ring

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What is a Zombie Ring and why do I want it?

A Zombie Ring is the solution to the problem of what to do with your XR after its been scavenged for its hub for the GTR conversion. The Zombie ring lets you put your GT hub on your XR frame and bring that XR back from the dead. (get it?)
Whether you have a milled hub or are using a plate, the Zombie Ring works regardless of what GTR conversion method you've used.
Some will argue that the GTR conversion is a massive upgrade to the performance of the GT. But the consequence has been the scavenging and parting out of the remaining XRs in the wild.
Many people wanting to do the GTR conversion are faced with a tough financial decision of either buying a hub for the conversion, which regularly exceed $500, or taking one from one their own board, leaving their $1500+ investment in pieces and unusable. The Zombie Ring, allows you to keep that investment operational and on the trails.



The zombie ring and XRZ was created as a bit of a joke and more so a bit of a “because I can”. Riding a beat up XR with a GT hub around Oak City Shred Fest turned some heads and got a few laughs. The usefulness of the idea didn't really become apparent until talking with a friend at the fest. He excitedly explained that he had been avoiding the GTR conversion because he and his son ride together all the time. He didn't want to take the hub from his son's board and leave him stranded, but also couldn't justify spending the money to source another hub and convert it just to have a new tire on his GT. The Zombie Ring solved this dilemma for him. He could keep both boards on the road while also taking full advantage of the GTR conversion, and at a very minimal cost to him.



Zombie rings are laser cut from steel and precision ground for consistent dimensional tolerances, heat treated for strength, and oil impregnated for rust prevention. They are then painted and laser engraved before being ready for shipment.



– Remove stator from XR hub (if needed)
– remove o-ring on side opposite controller wire
– slide Zombie Ring onto stator and replace o-ring
– place XR stator into GT hub and install cover plate
– Enjoy


XRZ quirks

– The tire will have a slight 1/16 inch offset to the left of the board.
– The controller cables on the GT and XR are opposite of one another, so that means that if you're using a directional tread tire such as the stock GT tire or Enduro, the tread will be running backwards.


**Only one Zombie Ring needed per XRZ conversion**


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