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ElectroLytes for Pint & Pint X

ElectroLytes for Pint & Pint X

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Introducing ElectroLytes for Pint & Pint X! Don't just put them in your body, put them in your board too! #DitchTheRed

This Pint sized ElectroLyte is an interactive RGBW LED board that allows the user to change the color and/or pattern of their taillights AND headlights with the touch of a magnet! Choose your hue and change it on the go!

Utilizing the full spectrum of 13 RGBW LEDs makes these ElectroLytes vividly stand out in a crowd or on a solo run.

This custom designed LED PCB is a plug and play alternative for the stock taillights and headlights on your Pint models. This one of a kind, multi-colored LED board will drop jaws, illuminate the night and even match your boards color scheme! With all of the available patterns and hues, you can tweak your vibe to match the occasion. 

Magnet included.

Unlike the previous XR versions, ElectroLytes for Pint & Pint X are the same connector and unit size for the front and rear.

*Installation requires opening your battery and/or controller enclosure and voiding your warranty. If you are not comfortable doing this, please contact your local service provider for assistance.

*Pint & Pint X Compatible only*

*Patent Pending*


Tools needed for install:

-Small Phillips screwdriver

-T20 Torx bit

-T30 Torx bit

-5pt TS20 Security bit

-T8 Torx bit

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