Tire Change

Is your Onewheel tire old and worn?Are you tired of the stock Vega and want to take your riding experience to the next level?

Our technicians will have you rolling on fresh rubber in no time! Contact us for tire recommendations or visit the following link for in-depth tire reviews.

Install Price:
V1/Plus/XR = $50 
Pint/PintX/GT = $75

Bearing Change

Does your board not ride as smoothly as it once did?Do you want to maximize the lifetime of your motor?

Replacing your bearings is paramount to Onewheel longevity. We recommend replacing your bearings every 2,000 miles. Contact us for bearing brand and style recommendations.

Install Price: $100


Seal all electrical components as well as the bearings

Full Install: $225

Headlight Repair

Do your headlights flicker or not work at all? Can you hear a rattle under your front footpad?Our technicians will have your night vision restored in a flash!

Install Price: $65

Controller Repair

Does your board not turn on properly or experience other technical issues?

Impacts from hard riding and tricks can damage the electrical components on your board. Our technicians will diagnose and repair your board locally so you don’t have to waste time and money sending it across the country.

Price Varies

Steel Inserts

Sick and tire of your threads ripping out?Have one of our technicians press in stainless steel threaded inserts that are built to last.

Price: $75

Battery Replacement

Does your battery not achieve the range that it once did?Are you looking for a new battery with added torque and increased range?Whether you want a new stock battery or an upgraded battery (JWXR/CBXR/QUART/JWPINT), our technicians will have you juiced up in no time!

*BMS cleaning included*

Price: $60

ElectroLyte Install

Don't feel comfortable installing your ElectroLytes?Our technicians will get you glowing in no time.

Install Price: $40

Accessories & Mods

Contact us for anything that is not listed, prices vary

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